About Us

The Company

Baltimore Laboratories, Inc. is a leader in biomedical research, technology, and manufacturing. Our staff is a consortium of physicians and engineers who are dedicated to improving technology in the fields of integrative, wellness, and anti-aging medicine. Founded in 1998, Baltimore Laboratories has grown to represent distribution throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, the United Kingdom, the Pacific Rim, and South America.

Our Goal

In order to successfully monitor and treat your patients, you must have tools that allow you to gain an understanding of the chemical imbalances, cellular dysfunction, and overall health of your patients. The challenge is in finding new approaches to deal with the volume and complexity of abnormalities that can occur inside the human body. Our goal is to provide the most advanced and reliable technology that gives your practice the ability to accurately investigate the health and extend and enhance the life of your patients.

Superior Customer Support

With representatives throughout the world, we offer continuous customer service and technical support to assist you in making the most of your instrumentation. In addition we offer complete audio and visual aids which will assist you not only with the operation of you instrument, but with the understanding of the concepts and theories behind the test in which it performs. 

Baltimore Laboratories has developed Lab Sentry, a revolutionary, 21st century self-monitoring system. It is analogous to an alarm company monitoring your premises. With a telephone modem in your computer, our instruments will automatically call Customer Support and report any potential problems. At which time our staff can connect directly to your computer -regardless of where you are in the world- and assess the situation as if we were actually sitting in front of your computer. As well, software updates are automatically sent to your computer-saving you loading time.