Baltimore Labs BL9000TM and BL5000TM BioCellular Analyzers

Baltimore Laboratories is proud to present the BL9000 and the BL5000 BioCellular Analyzers.  These ABC® Coded laboratory instruments are ready to add a new and valuable dimension to your medical practice or hospital environment.  Both devices represent the highest standards of N.I.S.T. (National Institute of Standards and Technology) traceable accuracy and proficiency in hospital-grade laboratory instrumentation.

The Baltimore Labs Biocellular Analyzers are the most accurate and technologically advanced instruments in the world for monitoring the milieu intérieur of your patients.  With 2-point calibration on each of the three fluids tested, blood, urine, and saliva, the BL5000 and the BL9000 produce a very high degree of accuracy:

  1. pH gives information about the acid-alkaline balance.
  2. rH2 gives information about the level of oxidation / reduction.
  3. r gives information about the level of electrically conductive ions in the biological fluid.

Feature Comparison Of The BL9000TM and BL5000TM

Features   BL9000     BL5000  
Fully automated X
    Double junction electrodes     X X
2-point calibration X X
Multimedia software X X
Lab SentryTM X X
Audio / visual tutorial X X
Self calibrating X
Self cleaning X  
Fluid level reporting X
Requires 2cc fluids X X

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